Just 2% percent of people in the world are born with Blonde hair, but a far greater percentage of people have Dyed Blonde hair! Either way - Blonde hair requires a great hair care routine to keep it looking and feeling beautiful.

Did you know, Blonde Hair is generally more prone to damage?

Why??? you ask...

Well, Blonde Hair is naturally porous - this means it absorbs materials easily.
So pretty much anything it comes into contact with has the potential to discolour or damage Blonde Hair. 


Sun damage can result in discoloration, dryness, split ends, brittle strands, thinning and frizziness.

Or rather what is hiding in water! Minerals in water like chlorine and calcium can discolour Blonde hair leaving it dry and brittle.

Self-Tanner (false tan)
Blonde Hair that comes into contact with self-tanners will almost certainly become stained orange or yellow.

Silver Shampoo & Conditioners
Over-use of Silver products can cause build-up and dulling of blonde hair.

Blonde hair will absorb smoke and pollution easily and this can give the hair a dull appearance, almost hiding highlights in some cases.


Sun Protection

The UVA and UVB rays in the sun can really damage Blonde Hair.
Sun damage can cause:

  • Yellow, brassy tones
  • Dry, Weak strands
  • Split Ends
  • Frizz

 Protect your hair from harmful sun damage by covering up! Wear a head scarf or hat in the sun.

 Use a heat protector like NATULIQUE Heat and Sun protector which is enriched with Goji Berries and Castor Oil to protect your hair from heat and from the sun. Use SPF on the scalp - this is super important as a sunburned scalp can damage the hair and follicle.

Avoid Minerals

Calcium, Chlorine, Iron and Copper are all very commonly found in our water. They have the negative impact of discolouring Blonde Hair and causing dry, brittle strands. While we cant completely avoid minerals in water we can do plenty to protect our hair from them.
Shower Filters can protect your hair against the harmful effects of minerals in your water. There are numerous versions available from a simple showerhead replacement to more complex water filtration systems.

Mineral Removal - Use a product that removes minerals from the hair.

Malibu C Blonde Wellness Hair Remedy specifically targets the issues caused by Minerals leaving Blonde Hair brighter and restoring vibrancy.

Cover Up!!

When using self-tanners remember to cover your hair ! Avoid the issue of brassy yellow tones that can appear when Blonde hair comes into contact with self-tanning products completely.

If you forget to cover your hair when tanning - don't worry it's not a lost cause!

Use Malibu C Undo-goo Shampoo which is a gentle resin remover that gently removes product build-up while restoring shine and softness.

Follow with Malibu C Blonde Wellness Remedy to clean the Blonde and reveal bright and shiny hair.

Before self-tanning it is a good idea to use a conditioner as a barrier on the hairline to avoid staining Blonde hair.

Use Sparingly!

Silver shampoos, conditioners and treatments are an amazing way to maintain the cool tone of many Blondes.

However, silver products should not be over-used. This is because Silver products actually deposit tone/pigment on the hair. This can build up and cause the hair to appear dull and less bright over time.

As well as this, silver products can have the effect of making brassy tones in the hair appear worse! This is because silver products will enhance light bright blonde strands therefore making the brassy strands look even worse in comparison.

Choose great quality silver products and us them in addition to not instead of your current haircare routine to get the best results!

Malibu C Blonde Wellness Kit is an amazing way to care for Blonde hair.


We know that blonde hair absorbs whatever it comes into contact with very easily.

Air Pollution, heat styling and processing with colours and perms etc can all cause brassiness, dryness and breakage on blonde hair.

One of the best ways to combat these issues is to add moisture to the hair. Adding moisture reduces the porosity of the hair (how prone to absorbing materials the hair is.)

Hair Masks add much needed moisture - but don't just replace your Conditioner with a Mask or Treatment - instead add these to your haircare routine.

Conditioner and Masks/Treatments do a different job!

Malibu C Miracle Repair is packed with gluten-free plant proteins and Pro Vitamin B5 for mega moisturization!

Heat protection is essential to care for blonde hair. It is important to remember to heat protect before drying and also before styling. Beauty Works 10 in 1 Miracle Spray can be used on wet or dry hair and is fortified with argan and macadamia.