Detoxing Your Hair

Detoxing Your Hair

If you have ever found yourself in a viscous circle of washing your hair only to find it greasy feeling again the next day or maybe your regular hair colour isn't taking like it used to- then this could be a sign that you have a build of silicones in your hair.

Silicones are one of the key ingredients added to shampoos and conditioners to coat the hair with a waterproof coating to make it feel silky and healthy. Unfortunately silicone will eventually build up in the hair with repeated washes preventing moisture and natural oils from penetrating into the hair and leaving it feeling weighed down. This is of particular concern if you are regularly dyeing your hair with a natural or organic hair colour as the essential oils will not be able to penetrate into the hair shaft.

Detoxing the hair and removing the silicones, parabens and free radicals can be achieved simply in one go using Naturigin & Natulique Organic Shampoos and Hair Colour Treatment.

The Detox consists of two simple steps:

  1. Wash the hair 6-7 times with a good quality silicone free shampoo such as Natulique Everyday Hair Wash. This will remove the silicone build up.
  2. Put the moisture back into the hair with a silicone free Hair Treatment such as Natulique Hair Colour Treatment.

Continue to use silicone free shampoo to ensure healthy, happy hair in future and watch out for the following ingredients- DimethiconeAmodimethicone, ingredients ending in "cone", "conol" or "xane"

The main culprits are Amodimethicone and Dimethicone but look for other ingredients ending in "cone", "conol" or "xane".