Hair Colouring at Home

Guidelines to the Perfect Home Dye Experience

Before getting started it is important that we establish that Naturigin Hair colour is a permanent hair dye treatment and therefore it is advised that you are 100% ready to commit to a colour change!

Patch Testing

  • Always do a patch test before using any hair colour even if you have had no reactions to any hair colour in the past
  • Dip a cotton swap into the mixed colour solution
  • Apply the mixture to the inside of your arm (opposite side of your elbow – where injections are sometimes taken)
  • Leave the solution on your skin for full 48 hours before going ahead
  • After 48 hours if you notice any adverse reaction such as any type of rash, swelling, blistering or burning do not use the product

Strand Testing

  • It also advisable to try a strand test to ensure you are going to be happy with the result
  • The easiest way is to gather a small section of hair at the back or underneath
  • Apply a small amount of mixed colour to the hair
  • Leave the colour there for 30 minutes before rinsing off
  • Check the results in a natural light


  • Don’t wash your hair just before colouring instead, make sure to wait a full day or two after shampooing before any dye application as your hair’s natural oils will protect your scalp and prevent irritation.
  • For hair that is really thick or long it is good to pick up two boxes of hair colour so you have the extra in your hand in case you discover halfway through that you don’t have enough colour.
  • Before starting to apply the hair colour spread Vaseline along your hairline – from earlobe to earlobe and along your neckline. This provides a barrier to keep the dye from staining your skin.
  • Another handy tip to go by is to mist the ends of your hair with warm water, this important as the ends or tips of your hair can be damaged and may therefore soak up too much colour, this extra moisture can help the colour to apply more evenly.

Colour Application

  • With a comb divide your hair into quadrants – make one parting down the middle followed by two ear to ear on either side and clip each section securely into place
  • While wearing gloves apply the hair colour one section at a time
  • Apply colour from the roots to the tips working it through with your gloved hands
  • You can also use a colour brush to spread the colour more evenly
  • Once the colour has been applied to the whole head set your timer and allow colour to sit for the allocated time
  • Finally after the time required it is time to rinse the colour out. Once the water runs clear, then you can be sure that the excess dye is washed out
  • After rinsing, use the After Colour Treatment (the sachet in the package) and finalise the hair dying process with your favourite Conditioner (conditioner is not provided with the Naturigin hair colour package)

Post Colouring

  • After colouring your hair hold off on shampooing for a few days and be aware of the water temperature when showering as hot water can cause cuticles to expand and open allowing some of the colour to escape
  • Naturigin Organic based hair colouring can be complimented with Organic shampoos and conditioners by Natulique which are available on our Online Shop
  • It is important to keep hair well moisturised after hair colouring. Applying a treatment once a week can help.
  • All forms of heating from styling tools will slightly shift hair colour and make it fade faster so it is important to remember not to over style or use heat on the hair everyday. A heat protecting spray will help but be careful not to overdo the styling tools. (Hairdryers, ghds etc)
  • If you are going on a sun holiday, keep your hair protected from the sun’s bleaching rays by wearing a hat and using a shampoo with sun protection.

In case of any further inquiries or advice regarding Naturigin hair colouring feel free to Contact Us and we will be more than happy to assist you!