Hair Colours

Over two-thirds of the population have dyed their hair at one point or another. Sometimes we dye our hair due to boredom with our appearance, other times we dye it to mask those pesky grey hairs. The truth is that at some point or another in our lives, most of us will dye our hair. That’s not just women either, as they get older and the first few grey hairs begin to show, men often choose to hide them with hair dye.

While conventional hair dyes don’t seem bad for your hair or your general health, use them too much and they can be. The chemicals found in most hair dyes can not only damage your hair, leading to splitting but can also damage your health. This is especially true if you’re dying your hair more than once a month. Some people dye their hair up to four times a month. The chemicals found in artificial hair dyes can have many nasty side effects. From cancer to skin problems and reactions. 

If you want to change the colour of your hair or hide those pesky grey hairs, organic hair dye is the best option. Many people don’t realise that natural hair colour products exist, but they do, and they work just as well as conventional ones. Your hair and body will be healthier for making the change, so it’s worth it.

Many people have allergies to artificial hair dyes due to the chemicals in them. The good thing about natural hair products is that reactions are less likely. That being said, it’s still worth using an Allergy Test Kit before dying your hair just to make sure that you react well to the product. The chances are that if you find artificial hair dyes hard to get on with, natural hair dye will be a better option for you. Most people react to the chemicals, not the colour itself, which is why natural hair care products are often best.

One of the best natural hair colour companies is Naturigin. All dyes are ammonia, paraben and SLS free, and all ingredients have been certified as ‘natural’ and ‘safe’. Most artificial hair dyes contain ammonia, peroxide and toluene, among other things. These chemicals can not only damage your hair but with long-term use can contribute to the causes of various medical conditions. They can also have adverse effects on pregnant women and their unborn babies, leading to birth defects. Hence, why some doctors recommend only using natural hair dying products during pregnancy.

There are many reasons that swapping to organic hair dye is a good idea. One of the most important, however, is because of the chemicals found in artificial dyes. Natural hair colours contain no carcinogenic ingredients or damaging chemicals. Products that are labelled as natural are mostly made from plant matter and other natural sources. This means that there're no nasties in them, just natural ingredients.

Another great thing about (Naturigin) is that it’s cruelty-free, which means that it's not tested on animals. Each hair Colour contains a blend of natural oils that are gentle on the hair and offer deep hydration. This makes these products great for people with sensitive scalps. They are easy to apply, offer long-lasting colour and give a beautiful, rich colour.We’ve established that natural hair colour that is better for your health but what about the way it stains your hair? Organic and natural hair dyes offer the same level of quality as artificial dyes - the colours are a bright and bold and the hair as glossy. The most important factor when it comes to natural hair products is finding the right brand for you. It may take a bit of trial and error but you’ll find that high-quality brands like Naturigin are best to use.

Many people don’t realise how damaging artificial hair dye can be. For anyone who dyes their hair on a regular basis, for one reason or another, it’s important to use natural dye. Otherwise you'll be more prone to split and damaged hair. This will prevent any adverse health effects caused by the dye, such as nasty reactions. You’ll also find that your hair is healthy as a result of less chemicals in it, which will make your colour last longer and look more natural.

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