Our Philosophy


The Genesis of Simply Natural began on 2010 when Catriona set about trying to find a natural home hair colour product that contained no parabens, ammonia or PPD’s. Having to colour her hair every three weeks, she became alarmed at all the research and media press about the negative effects of longterm use of hair colour. Most alarming was the research showing parabens present in Breast tumours.

Catriona went about trying and testing all available hair colours on the market that had the least amount of Parabens/Ammonia/PPD’s. She was disappointed in the coverage and lasting of the colour. Eventually she came across Naturigin. She was most interested when she heard they were the only hair colour allowed to be sold in pharmacies in the Nordic countries. She felt this was a good sign as they were much stricter in terms of permitted chemicals which can only be a good thing. She was delighted with the coverage and felt the colour lasted better. She also noted that it had no smell and did not burn or “itch” her scalp as other hair dyes had done. Having spent the two years doing all this research she also spoke with various top hair salons to get their views and recommendations as well as with lots and lots of friends who also dye their hair.

Catriona, having spent the time researching the side effects of chemicals in the bloodstream and the increase in cancer (particularly breast cancer), focused on bringing cosmetic products to the market that have, where possible, Organic accreditation, are free from parabens, aluminium, PPD’s and resorcinol. And of course are not tested on any animals. She also ensures that each product comes from an ethical producer and that are sustainably sound.

She is invited to attend Seminars by the Medicine Board, she keeps abreast of all developments, research and news in relation to the EU Cosmetics directive. And therefore is always one step ahead of what is happening at EU level in relation to new directives that will affect the cosmetic industry.

Here in Simply Natural we strongly feel that it is in our best interest to stay aware of what is in all of the products that we add to our hair and bodies. It is a scary thought to think that so many of the products we use contain so many ingredients that can have long term harmful effects to our health. Therefore, it is our promise to stay current with the most up-to-date information about organics and sustainability to add positivity to the world of beauty.