Colour Treated Hair Tips ✨

Whether you choose platinum blonde highlights, a creamy blonde balayage, a rich brunette or a vibrant copper - hair that is coloured needs love & care to maintain shine & longevity.

So how do you maintain your colour at home?

We have some steps to follow to care for you colour whatever shade you choose.


Go Natural 🍃

Consider more natural hair colour brands that use natural & organic ingredients that nourish the hair & scalp while colouring the hair!

Check out NATULIQUE professional hair colour, which can be found in salons across the globe and is the sustainable answer to salon professional colour.

Or for home colouring, Naturigin has a wonderful variety of shades and tones to choose from, offer full grey coverage with 98.2% Natural & Organic Ingredients - making it kinder to the environment and kinder to your hair!

A Shampoo for colour treated hair is a MUST

Choose shampoos that are designed to care for coloured hair - NATULIQUE Colour Shield Hairwash is a very mild & gentle hairwash to really protect the colour. The active & healing plant extracts help protect the colour & the silk complex contains a strong protein to prevent the colour from fading. It strengthens the hair and is an anti-frizz and anti-static formula.   

NATURIGIN Colour Lock Shampoo keeps the hair colour bright and beautiful while cleaning and nourishing it while protecting your hair from heat and UV rays.

Conditioners & Hair Masks are VITAL

Conditioners and Hair Masks are vital to care for coloured hair. Remember that conditioners and masks or treatments do two different jobs!

Conditioner works on the surface of the hair while masks and treatments work on the inside of the hair. Conditioner is best used each time you was your hair while masks and treatments are best used once a week.

Use a high-quality organic conditioning treatment for coloured hair like the NATULIQUE Colour Shield Treatment with silk protein. Coloured hair tends to be drier than usual, so you need a deep conditioning treatment as part of your care routine, at least once a week. Instructions: Apply to freshly washed hair. Massage well into hair. Let sit for 5-20 minutes. Rinse.

Your Shower Head Can Make a Difference

One thing we can't recommend enough is a shower filter! 

Water has a huge impact on your hair colour. Water contains minerals and metals that affect the hair and scalp. They can turn hair a yellow or orange shade, cause dry and brittle hair and impact the scalp in a negative way.

Using a shower filter like the Ionic Shower Head – especially if you live in a hard water area is a must. These shower filters can be easily attached to your existing shower. They help to filter the minerals in the water before they reach the hair plus are effective in increasing water pressure too!

Give your Colour a REFRESH


Enhance the tones in your hair by using colour appropriate masks. NATULIQUE have a beautiful range of colour refresher masks in four shades which can be used to replenish and enhance the tone and shine in coloured hair.

Mahogany is wonderful in brunette shades to revive the shine and warmth of caramel, chocolate and toffee toned hair. 

Copper is an amazing vibrant refresher for the notoriously hard to maintain copper shades in coloured hair.

Anthracite is perfect for cool tones browns and also to keep gray hair looking cool and fresh.

Silver is a wonderful refresher for those platinum blondes and silver toned hair colours that need regular toning to banish brassiness.

Beat the Heat

Always use heat protection! This is one of the most commonly skipped steps in haircare but so important to maintain healthy hair and to protect hair colour. Heat damage is one of the quickest ways to fade your hair colour.

NATULIQUE Heat & Sun Protector is an amazing product that is a must in any hair care routine! Made with vitamin rich Goji Berries, conditioning Jasmine Flower Extract, mineral-rich Castor Oil and protein-rich Hydrolysed Wheat Protein.

Apply a fine mist evenly over damp or dry hair. Gently massage into the hair and go! Whether applied before using heat tools or into hair that will air dry naturally it gives long-lasting, everyday heat and sun protection.

Last but NOT Least

Remember to have regular trims to keep your hair free of split ends!


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